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Eboni Maxwell, 13 (Boston, MA)

What My America Looks Like

Eboni Maxwell, 13

My America looks like chaos, a burning flame that cannot be put out and continues to grow. My America is dull and bland; I wake up everyday and ask myself ¨Why are most people cruel and mean, racist and unapologetic… What made them this way?" I get ready for school and go to learn, but my mind is constantly running. Thoughts of what would happen if I wasn't black: could or would I be able to put more of an end to racism? I try to focus but all I hear in my head are the sounds of gunshots, people screaming for their lives and crying babies scared by the loud bangs. As a black female in this world that we live in, I am too afraid to walk anywhere alone with the fear of being shot, kidnapped, or murdered, or worse. 

 MY world is not at all pretty. Life isn't what everyone makes it out to be. 

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