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Did you know that 60% of transgender people in the U.S. avoid public bathrooms for fear of
being harassed? That is one reason why gender-neutral bathrooms should be made available in every school. Three main reasons that gender-neutral bathrooms in schools are important will be included in this essay. One reason is that non-binary people can face harassment in gender binary restrooms. Another reason is that people who are non-binary often have to choose a “side” every time they go to a place with only gendered bathrooms. The last, but not least, reason is that if non-binary students can go to a gender-neutral bathroom, they might be less likely to fear harassment and more likely to focus on school. Those are the three major reasons why schools need to have gender-neutral bathrooms.

Non-binary people can face harassment in gendered bathrooms because they dress differently than the way people who typically use the bathroom they’re in, or because they do dress the same, but their sex assigned at birth doesn’t match their gender. No one should have to worry about their safety when all they want to do is use the toilet. If every school had gender-neutral bathrooms, non-binary students can just use those and skip the whole harassment deal.People who are non-binary often are forced to choose between male and female bathrooms. If someone feels that they are neither of those, then it is unjust to make them use one of them. That’s like making someone who doesn’t like skirts choose between wearing pencil skirts and loose skirts their whole lives. If someone is non-binary, then they should be able to go to a bathroom that is for their gender.

If there are gender-neutral bathrooms that non-binary students can go to, they might be less likely to fear harassment, and more able to focus on schoolwork. Non-binary students should be able to focus as much as any other student on their work, and having only gender binary bathrooms can cause those students to have to worry about being intensely bullied. Every student deserves to be able to focus entirely on school.

Gender-neutral bathrooms in schools are important because non-binary students can face harassment in gendered bathrooms, non-binary students have to choose which bathroom they belong in when they often don’t feel like they belong in either and because if there are bathrooms that non-binary students can go to, they might fear harassment less, and be able to focus on schoolwork more. If all schools provide gender-neutral bathrooms, maybe we can lower the statistics of transgender Americans who avoid public bathrooms because of harassment from 60%.

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  1. thank you! this was exactly what I needed for my essay, it was perfectly described through the eyes of trans and non-binary students!

  2. I agree with this. Students shouldn’t have to worry about their safety when they are going to use the bathroom. Faculty should pay attention to the students safety. Which means having gender neutral bathrooms.

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