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  • 6 issues per year online, available as downloadable PDFs, and in print and mailed to your home (bimonthly)
  • A rich and fully searchable 20-year online archive
  • New reviews and blog posts by young writers every week
  • Creative prompts, activities, music, contests, and more
  • Growing database of teacher resources
  • Biweekly Saturday newsletters
  • Free submissions, including bundled classroom submissions


Stone Soup is the literary magazine and website written and illustrated by kids through 8th grade. Stone Soup has been inspiring children to read, write, and create their own pieces and artwork for publication in our magazine since 1973. Our young authors’ and artists’ work, including nonfiction, opinion, and reviews, is also published for subscribers on our blog.

Our reduced-price subscription for individual educators allows you to bring our whole archive of fiction and poetry, gorgeous art and photography, and thought-provoking memoir and reviews into your classroom or library at a more affordable rate. Your educator subscription also grants you a reduced rate for classroom submissions. Inspire your students with Stone Soup!

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