Stay Creative with Stone Soup

Our Weekly Creativity prompts challenge you to make a piece of writing (a poem, a journal entry, a story outline, a review) or art, or music, or a spoken word recording, or other piece of creative work. All the prompts we have written are brought together on this page – see below. The first prompt of the month is also a Flash Contest!

You can find more writing and art activities on our Activities pages.

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Creativity Prompts

Take an abstract photo that shows a pattern in nature, like this one of a piece of coral from the October 2020 issue of Stone Soup ...
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Write a letter to a fictional person that annoys you, such as the person who stepped on your foot.  ...
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Write a story about somebody who falls through a bowl of tomato soup and into a magical land!  To submit to this month’s Flash Contest, click here ...
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Create a fictional politician, and write them a “stump speech.” What policies do they support? What is their personality like? ...
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