Weekly Creativity #237: Write a How-to Article about Something You Don’t Know how to Do

Write a how-to article about something you don't know how to do. This could be something real that you just ...
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Weekly Creativity #169: Write a Story or Poem Using Two Senses—Smell & Hearing

Go to a safe place outdoors, sit somewhere, and close your eyes. Spend several minutes listening for all the sounds ...
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Weekly Creativity #166: Write a Piece of Fan Fiction for a Story You Love, but Change a Background Detail

Write fan fiction for a story you love, but change a background detail, like the setting or time period ...
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Weekly Creativity #163: Set a Timer for 45 minutes and Draw a Portrait of Your Pet or a Favorite Toy Looking Directly at You

Set a timer for 45 minutes and draw a portrait of your pet or a favorite toy looking directly at you ...
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Weekly Creativity #161: Come Up with an Annoying Habit and Write about a World where this Is a Good Thing

Come up with an annoying habit and write about a world where this is a good thing! Maybe you don’t ...
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Weekly Creativity #160 | Flash Contest #33: Choose One Proverb From a List of Five and Write a Story in Which the Opposite Is True

Choose one of these proverbs, and write a story in which the opposite is true: “A stitch in time saves ...
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