Saturday Newsletter: April 23, 2022

Stable (oil) By Savannah Chun, 13 (Dallas, TX), published in Stone Soup April 2022 A note from Tayleigh Happy First-Day-of-Spring-Session-Writing-Workshops! Our first Writing Workshop of the spring session—William Rubel’s—begins this morning at 9 AM Pacific, to be followed by Conner Bassett’s at 11 AM Pacific. Today is especially exciting for me because for the first time, I will be […]

Starry Night: A Series in Ekphrasis by Ella Yamamura, 14

Our village looks like a mirror without a reflection, lively, but bland. It wouldn’t, normally, but the village of Starry Night just a couple fields away outshines us by a million stars. Literally. Their side of the sky seems to favor the village of Starry Night by thousands, sprinkled with glittering souls of light that […]