Book Reviews

The Fort, Reviewed by Sydney Kesselheim, 11

The Fort, by Gordon Korman, is a novel about four 6th grade boys who all share a clubhouse in the woods. Their special place has remained secret until a new kid, Ricky, follows them into the woods. Together, the group discovers a hidden bomb shelter complete with food, a sink, a stove, a TV and […]

Space Case, Reviewed by Arjun Nair, 11

Dashiell Gibson is the luckiest 12-year-old on Earth, although he sees it through a different lens. The truth is, no one on Moon Base Alpha (MBA) feels different about their “extraordinary” opportunity. As this is the first-ever moon base to exist in 2040, everyone has their fair share of responsibilities. In Space Case, Stuart Gibbs […]

Island of Thieves, Reviewed by Jeremy Lim, 10

I plucked Island of Thieves off the shelf absentmindedly when I visited the library on a borrowing-spree, and admittedly, I wasn’t expecting anything much. In fact, I had borrowed it for my little brother, who is an eight-year-old. However, our paths crossed sooner than I expected, as before a piano lesson I glanced at the […]