flash fiction

Going Viral, a short story by Ender Ippolito, 9

Ender Ippolito, 9, Portland, OR Going Viral Ender Ippolito, 9 Hello, my name is Sam Flu. You might not know me personally, but I’m pretty sure you know my kind. Right now I am going to school. I am on the school bus (water droplet) with my best friend Eric Coronavirus and his buddy Meg […]

Defeating Covid-19 Together, a story by Emily Gu, 9

Emily Gu, 9 Defeating Covid-19 Together Emily Gu, 9        Purell had always wanted to get this much attention. Before he became the most popular kid in school, he was an unused loner sitting on the counter. Even worse, sometimes he was desperately waiting to be rescued from the dark locker where the […]