Three in One – Baked, Zest, Heliotrope

In this series of three time lapse videos originally sent to us as part of the April Flash Contest, blogger BlueJay brings a unique style to the genre of food blogging. In each video, we watch as the food—and in one case the dish—in front of us disappears in distinct frames. The minimal white background […]

Weekly Writing Workshop #18, Friday July 31: Writing About Food

An update from our eighteenth Weekly Writing Workshop! A summary of the workshop, plus some of the output published below The Stone Soup Weekly Writing Workshop is open to all Stone Soup contributors and subscribers. Every Friday, we meet for an hour-and-a-half via Zoom to respond to a new writing challenge, write together in our […]

Cotton Candy

The history and science of cotton candy is often overlooked. But under the cover, it’s actually quite interesting. Machine-spun cotton candy was, strangely enough, invented by a dentist, William Morrison, and confectioner, John C. Wharton, in the year 1897. It made great success at the 1904 World’s Fair, known as “Fairy Floss”, where it sold […]