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Video Games and the Power of Storytelling

When you think of video games, what do you usually think of? The gameplay. Take Minecraft. A sandbox game with endless possibilities. How about Fortnite? A battle Royale shooter with casual and competitive players. But what do most people not really think of when you mention video games? Their stories. Don’t get me wrong, video […]

The Google Doodle Everyone Will Play

The Google homepage is something that everyone has been on, not once or twice. Many times. But it’s one of those things we don’t pay much attention to. It’s pretty easy to ignore it. It’s just a homepage, but one of the things that makes it so special to me are the little games or […]

The Nintendo Switch: is it really worth it? A review by Daniel Zhu, 10

Nintendo has a reputation for making good gaming consoles. And when the Nintendo Switch came out, it introduced a whole new way of playing games, with the Switch’s revolutionary Joy-Cons and no-WiFi-needed TV connection port. Hosting a party? No problem; connect your Joy-Cons to your Switch by just sliding them onto the Switch (some party […]