George Floyd

We Can’t Breathe, a poem by Raeha Khazanchi, 11

Raeha Khazanchi, 11Rochester, NY We Can’t Breathe Raeha Khazanchi, 11 We can’t breathe Why can’t we breathe? Because he can’t breathe Why can’t he breathe? Because his breath was stolen from his body We are not treated equally Why are we not treated equally? Because he was not treated equally Why was he not treated […]

A Child’s View of the Death of George Floyd, by Amara, 9

A Child’s View of the Death of George Floyd Amara DeLong, 9 New Orleans, LA Last year, my four-year-old neighbor dressed up as a police officer for Halloween.  He was very proud of his costume!  Little did he know what was actually happening in the world. Two days ago, my family and I learned about the […]