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Raeha Khazanchi, 11
Rochester, NY

We Can't Breathe

Raeha Khazanchi, 11

We can’t breathe
Why can’t we breathe?
Because he can’t breathe
Why can’t he breathe?
Because his breath was stolen from his body

We are not treated equally
Why are we not treated equally?
Because he was not treated equally
Why was he not treated equally?
Because this a world where your color of skin matters

We are hungry
Why are we hungry?
Because he is hungry
What are we and him hungry for?
We and him are hungry for justice.

Reader Interactions


  1. No one should be empowered to steal the breath of a human being. Justice provided not on the basis of race and color.
    Excellent Reaha beta. Noble thought, keep it up

  2. Amazing and revolutionary thoughts for justice with no demorcation of race,skin and colour at so little age.
    God bless you to have such a wonderful thoughts.
    My loving grand daughter Reaha.
    Nanu Naina

  3. Wonderful work! Questions are a powerful rhetorical device in the mind and on the page! I love how you used them.

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