Happiness Comes to America

All names in this story have been changed for privacy. A few years ago my mom and dad, my two older brothers, and I moved from a refugee camp in Tanzania to Chicago. Now I’m eleven years old. My name is Happiness. One Sunday night I sat down on my usual pillow on the couch between […]

It needs courage!

It needs courage to build a school! It needs courage to touch children’s hearts! It needs courage to welcome homelessness! It needs courage to stand with us in one line! It needs courage to open an educational house! It needs courage to give hope for hopelessness! It needs courage to give pens to those that […]

A New Nature

I am a new flower in a tree a unique red bird in a nest full of blue birds. A fish out of water. I am the school’s newborn. My school is a new jungle in my head. Originally published in Stone Soup Magazine, April 2021