Inside Outside Project


Anonymous from Syria Drawn by a Syrian refugee girl in a tea garden in Reyhanli. A family in the snow.Topic for session: Draw the future you hope for.  

Monster Slayer

Anonymous, 11, Syria Topic for this session: Scary bad things in two colors. Khalid recalls: she is a very sensitive girl who thinks before she speaks. When she speaks, you like to listen to her. She is sweet, calm, and polite. You feel she has something inside, but you don’t see it… you feel like […]

Bad Things

Anonymous from Syria A drawing of “bad things” by a Syrian refugee child in the Free Syria School. The class was taught by David Gross. The exercise involved quick drawings, of 2 minutes each, in three parts.The first step was a pencil drawing. The student drew a symbolic border, then added elements that were “bad […]