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Giving voice to displaced children and young people.

This was a certain Thursday when I was in class interviewing one of my classmates called Sylvan. We were seated facing each other on our blue plastic chairs. We were not alone that day in class but we were with other class mates, our class supervisor and also our teacher, Madam Laura, who was on zoom call.

Back to me and Sylvan. I interviewed Sylvan about his objectives in studying anthropology. I asked him this question at first. “Please can you tell me why you do love studying anthropology?” he replied: “I really love studying anthropology because studying other people’s cultures is really fun and interesting.”

Then I asked him “What are your objectives while studying anthropology?” he replied: “my objectives while studying anthropology is to gain the ability of observation and studying about different cultures around the world”
What I appreciated from him was the way he was truly motivated in studying anthropology.

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