A Plea from the Red Zone

California, oh man — land of opportunity, of sunshine, of warm sandy beaches, of snow-capped peaks. California. Land of vast cities, quiet suburbs, quaint rural farming communities. California, California, oh man, California. Land of smoke, land of fire. Land of citizens scattered about the state, homes burned to the ground, ashes gently swooping down like […]

Humble Beginnings

Every year in April we celebrate Earth Day. It’s a day to take a minute and consider what we can do to benefit our environment. It can be an overwhelming task. Save the Earth? Ummm, okay? But where do we start? Well, one simple and practical place you could start is with a compost. Rotting […]

Trumpet of the Swan, Reviewed by Keshav Ravi, 8

“Birds are a special problem, birds are hard to deal with.” This is what many people seem to think, and understandably, when a bird has just robbed their shop. However, Louis, in E.B.White’s The Trumpet of the Swan, proves exactly the opposite. Louis is a swan who was born with no ability to make sound […]

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