Saturday Newsletter: March 19, 2022

Chaos (watercolor) By Ashley Jun, 13 (Short Hills, NJ), published in Stone Soup March 2022 A note from Laura First, a small bit of business. The fabulous Naomi Kinsman, founding director of the Society of Young Inklings, a brilliant writing program for young authors, is leading her Design a Novel workshop next weekend, Saturday March 26th and […]


Let the trees embrace you,  With their long and leafy arms, Their thick and trusty branches, Reach up like vines  To a star speckled sky.   The wildebeest are roaming, On the dark and murky plain, They pace until the shining moon  Shines ever so brightly  In a star speckled sky     The giraffes […]

Our Ocean Wildlife

Poorvi Girish, 8 (Fremont, CA) Our Ocean Wildlife Poorvi Girish, 8 When I was about 4 years old, I used to wonder in bed at night “Are oceans dangerous or is it the oceans that are in danger?” As an 8 year old, I have learned about the ocean’s alarming rates of pollution. Grown turtle […]