The Sky’s the Limit, a personal narrative by Jaslyn Kwan, 12

Jaslyn Kwan, 12 (Palo Alto, CA) The Sky’s the Limit Jaslyn Kwan, 12 Goodbye San Francisco, hello Tampa! Ever since COVID-19 started, I had been stuck at home along with everyone else. Being able to finally travel to places other than the local grocery store gave me a feeling of freedom. I was heading off […]

I’m Fine, a song written and performed by Kathleen Werth, 10

I’m Fine Kathleen Werth, 10 I utilized Bandlab (an app with drum beats and mixing options) to put the layering of my song together and form music. You can listen to it at Soundcloud, and read the lyrics below. https://soundcloud.com/user-28081890/im-fine-by-kathleen-werth-age-10-written-and-performed-in-may-2020 I’m Fine Kathleen Werth, 10 Never thought it’d come to this. Hearts beat louder than […]

Moonlight Waltz, music by Micah Lim, 11

Micah Lim, 11Guilford, CT Moonlight Waltz Micah Lim, 11 “Moonlight Waltz” is a new piece written for piano, saxophone, and drums. I was inspired to compose this when I started learning about jazz style. I wanted to incorporate some of the things I learned to compose a waltz. It is called “Moonlight Waltz” because I […]