Daily Creativity #102: Take a Photo with Something Amiss

Take a photograph that captures a mundane domestic scene, but with one detail amiss. Maybe it’s the inside of your refrigerator, but with a book in it. Whatever you can think of that would make the viewer look twice. Think carefully about the composition of the piece and stage the scene as much as you […]

Island Head, an artwork by Aaron D’Souza, 10

Aaron D’Souza, 10San Diego, CA Island Head Aaron D’Souza, 10 I created this image in Photoshop which I have been doing for one year. This is a picture of me as an island. To me, this image is an inspiration that even though we are alone amidst the Coronavirus we can still be happy as […]

Daily Creativity #67: Recreate a Still Life Painting

Still life paintings are full of hidden meaning. Look carefully at “Vanitas” by Pieter Claesz (1597-1661). Make a list of at least 6 items that you can identify in it, and think about what they convey. What would some equivalent objects be in today’s world? Now, find those objects in your own home. Arrange them […]