“Dreams” by Langston Hughes, Reviewed by Arielle, 13

In his poem “Dreams,” Langston Hughes puts heart-touching words to address society and the world. Hughes develops the idea that life is hard when you don’t have dreams. He develops this theme by using repetition and metaphors. First, Hughes uses repetition. For example, Hughes restates the line, “Hold fast to dreams” twice. He is trying […]

Saturday Newsletter: November 30, 2019

Dandelions by Alicia Xin, 13 (Scarsdale, NY), published in Stone Soup November 2019 A note from William Rubel Did you know we have a special offer running all Thanksgiving weekend? 25% off annual print subscriptions! Visit Stonesoup.com, click the Subscribe button, and get a year of stone soup delivered to your home for just $67.50. […]

Saturday Newsletter: October 12, 2019

Snowflake Hiding in Blues by Hannah Parker, 13 (South Burlington, VT) illustrating “Northern Night” by Poppy Lowenthal Walsh, 12 (Minneapolis, MN)                                                                                             A note from Sarah Ainsworth I recently subscribed to a poem-a-day newsletter, and it has changed my mornings for the better. I like how the poem delivered to my inbox each a.m. gives me […]