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Saturday Newsletter: May 7, 2022

  I Want to Go to Germany with My Sister by Hala, 11 (Syria), published via the Stone Soup Refugee Project A note from Laura At the time of writing this week’s newsletter, it has been close to two months since Russia invaded Ukraine. We are now faced with yet another refugee crisis, this one with […]

Saturday Newsletter: January 15, 2022

The Rise of Democracy, Acrylic | Keira Zhang, 12 (Los Altos, CA), Stone Soup January 2022 A note from Laura This week I want to draw your attention to the play featured in January’s issue, Spring Will Not Die. It was written by a group of Syrian refugees living in Turkey who are members of Karam House, one […]

Saturday Newsletter: December 11, 2021

Beauty Among Ancient Walls | Peri Gordon, 11 (Sherman Oaks, CA) published in Stone Soup December 2021 A note from William Laura Moran, who runs the Stone Soup Refugee Project and wrote the beautiful letter below, had her first Skype session with the girls at the Angela Jolie primary school at the huge Kakuma refugee […]