My Starduster Friends, a story by Julia Marcus, 13

Julia Marcus, 13Culver City, CA My Starduster Friends Julia Marcus, 13 It’s Friday the 13th. Rosie doesn’t believe in superstitions, but she can’t shake the feeling that today’s an unlucky day. In what way, she doesn’t know. She stayed up late last night, scribbling in her beloved journal, and she only woke up around twenty […]

The Writer, Artist of Words, by Michaela Frey, 12

Michaela Frey, 12Herndon, VA The Writer, Artist of Words Michaela Frey, 12 A fog has fallen over the people, a devastating, colorless, mist of despair hanging over the humans. Those consumed in the fog are mourned; yet the numbers of those taken rise every day, a staircase leading up, and all the same, leading downwards […]