Veera Hiranandani

The Whole Story of Half a Girl, Reviewed by Aditi, 13

I have always wondered how others live a cross-cultural life. Whether it’s the culture you are born into or trying to understand a different one, this diverse topic continues to fascinate me. Imagine a girl who struggles to juggle her identity since she is half-Indian and half-Jewish. Sonia Nadhamuni is far from normal as she […]

How to Find What You’re Not Looking for, Reviewed by Anushka, 11

Veera Hiranandani’s How to Find What You’re Not Looking for is a book that stays with you long after you have read it. The book explores difficult questions concerning religious and cultural differences that divide our society. This book also questions the meaning of religion and culture and their significance in everyday life. Is religion […]

The Night Diary, Reviewed by Anushka, 10

Some books are so meaningful and inspiring that you are grateful they were written. The Night Diary by Veera Hiranandani is one such book. It is a historical fiction written in journal-style format set in 1947 when India and Pakistan became independent from British rule and separated into two countries. Even though the book is […]