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Stone Soup Author Interview: Lucy Rados

Stone Soup contributor and 2020-21 intern Anya Geist, 14, talks with Book Club facilitator and member of the Stone Soup Honor Roll Lucy Rados, 13, about the Writing Workshop, the process of submitting to a contest, and the inspiration of nature. 0:18 – How were you introduced to Stone Soup? 0:41 – How long have you […]

Stone Soup Author Interview: Liam Hancock

  Stone Soup contributor and 20-21 intern Anya Geist, 14, talks to Liam Hancock, 12, about inspiration, persevering after rejection, and the Writing Workshop. 0:19 – How were you introduced to Stone Soup? 0:32 – What is your favorite thing about writing? 1:00 – How did you decide to submit to Stone Soup? 1:21 – […]

Cyberpunk: High Tech, Low Life

Introduction The following collection contains a variety of essays on science fiction and fantasy. Each one is short, and explores only a specific element of the genres. These are the elements I find most interesting. I have long been fascinated by science fiction and fantasy, with a slight bias towards science fiction. With science fiction […]