young composer

Joey Alexander (born 2003): Indonesian Child Jazz Master

Joey Alexander (born Josiah Alexander Sila; June 25, 2003) is one of the world’s most recognized child composer/musicians. Born in Bali, Indonesia, he began playing jazz at the age of six. Joey’s first album, My Favorite Things, was published in 2015 and his new album, Joey Alexander: Countdown, are both available from both iTunes and Amazon. To follow […]

Contests for Young Composers

Most of these contests are open to children from primary and middle school — the primary age range of Stone Soup’s readers. As most of these contests also post videos of contest winners you can also use this listing to find wonderful music written by children. If you know of other contests, then please post the […]

Introduction to Child Composers

“Lillian” composed by Benjamin Britten in 1929 at age 16. One of the most extraordinary things about the world we live in today is that is possible for people who would have had no way to be heard or discovered to find a large audience. We are all familiar with child writers but much less […]

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