young composer

World Peace, Piano Music by Rik Bhattacharyya, 12

Rik Bhattacharyya, who is twelve, in 2017 wrote this piano piece in response to some of the turmoil taking place in the world today. This is his thinking behind the piece: Currently our world is going through a lot of turmoil. Whether it is about missile testing in North Korea or terrorist attacks in France, […]

Let this be the World, a song without words by Kathleen Werth, 8

This lovely song by Kathleen Werth, 8, is beautiful musical moment. There are big formal pieces of music but there are also in all of our lives the songs we hum to ourselves. This song feels to me like a quiet, intimate communication. It makes me smile. [soundcloud url=”https://soundcloud.com/user-28081890/let-this-be-the-world” comments=”yes” auto_play=”no” color=”” width=”100%” height=”81px”]

“March” by Frederick Ouseley, 6, composed in 1833.

This March was composed by Frederick Ouseley (1825-1889) when he was six years old. Frederick grew up to become a composer of church music. He started composing at the age of three — an older sister transcribed his first pieces. This march is one of the few early works by Frederick that have been published. This recording […]