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An Indian Monsoon being in class

Better Ways to Ace Your Test by Lucinda Chu

Many people think burning the midnight oil before a test is the most reliable way to get an A. But ...
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Characteristic Property space pods

Cyberpunk: High Tech, Low Life

Introduction The following collection contains a variety of essays on science fiction and fantasy. Each one is short, and explores ...
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A Friend Until the End preparing for school

Thoughts on Jewish Refugees in Shanghai

When people think about the Holocaust and Jewish refugees during WWII, they rarely think about Shanghai. For a long time, ...
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How to Play Kabaddi: Part 2

Hello again! When I left off my last blog post (Kabaddi: Part 1), I had just finished explaining a bit ...
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A photograph of a snowflake, partially hidden by blurry blue spots.

The Cold Winter

It is Saturday morning, and Nellie yawns as she wakes up from her bed. The air feels crisp and cold ...
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How to Play Kabaddi: Part 1

Kabaddi is a sport that undoubtedly very few of you must have heard of if any at all. Unlike a ...
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