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Mina Iqlas, 10
Cupertino, CA

Fishy Exterminates the Coronavirus

Mina Iqlas, 10

It was May 1, 2020. Fishy Crabb the red lobster was having a normal day. He turned on the news.  There was a news anchor named Mr. Lobbie on cable, who was always so dramatic.

“The new virus called COVID-19 is spreading around the world!” he yelled. “Many countries are starting a lockdown, so stay safe and always–”

Fishy turned off the T.V.

“This Coronavirus is not so serious as the Black Death! As far as I can see the COVID will stay in China.”

He opened the front door just in time to see Doopy the mailman throw him the newspaper. He sat on his front porch and looked at the cover story.

“COVID 19 GOES VIRAL” it said. Fishy groaned and turned to the sports section. After reading that he flipped to the back to see if there were any comics.

Instead of seeing comics, there was a headline that read, “First Patient of Corona in LobbstreTown–Mishy Crabb!!” Fishy gasped. His favorite Cousin!? With the Corona? He decided he could not just leave this virus alone! He jumped up and hopped up in his swim mobile. He was going to find a vaccine for that hateful virus.

After researching at the Zippy-Crustacean Hospital, he found out that the coronavirus is common in certain species of animals, such as cattle and camels. Although the transmission of the  coronavirus from animals to humans is rare, this new strain likely came from bats, though one study suggests pangolins may be the origin.

“Bats and Pangolins, Huh?” he thought. “Well, the solution is simple."

A week later, Fishy was all over the news. Mr. Lobbie said to him,“Tell us, how did you find the cure for the COVID-19?

“Well, I just knew the cause of the Corona was pangolins, and the opposite of a pangolin–is an anteater! So I hunted an anteater in Bolivia, and took a piece of it–only about a gram. I gave it my cousin Mishy, who had the COVID-19. A day later she was cured!”


Our Hero saved so many people–he found the perfect vaccine!


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