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Simran Adnani, 6
Troy, MI

Snow White Has COVID-19

Simran Adnani, 6

The Queen sat by her window. Pricking her finger on a needle, she wished for a child.

She had a beautiful daughter called Snow White. When Snow White was 6 years old, the Queen died, and the King married a cruel stepmother.

Stepmother made a magic mirror and asked it,” Who is the fairest of all?”

Mirror said, "Snow White is the fairest of all. Queen you look very fair normally but today you look rather pale, what is the matter?”

The Queen got a nasal swab and her COVID test came back positive. She made a COVID poisoned apple by biting it that she thought she would use later for hurting Snow White.

Then she took Remdesavir (the drug that treats COVID) which completely cured the Queen.

But the Queen did not believe in social distancing and called the Huntsman. She ordered him to take Snow White to the jungle and kill her. But the Huntsman was kind and let Snow White go.

Snow White was tired walking in the forest. She decided to rest in the house of the seven dwarfs.

They were called Cheeky, Squeezy, Fishy, Curious, Puffy, Lazy and Knowledgy .

Snow White ate from Cheeky’s cereal bowl and slept off.

When the dwarfs returned, they all had masks on their faces. Snow White was alarmed to see them and she started to run away.

Knowledgy stopped her and informed her that masks were only to protect them from COVID. She didn’t understand the need for masks. Next day the dwarfs left for work and warned Snow White of the wicked stepmother.

Snow White didn’t listen and opened the door to the evil step mother.

The queen who was a COVID survivor and was wearing a mask, offered Snow White an apple that she had previously poisoned. Snow White took a bite and fell unconscious.

The dwarfs returned and were very sad. Knowledgy checked her heart and noticed that it wasn’t beating. “The evil stepmother gave her COVID," said Curious.

Then they buried her in the cemetery as it would be dangerous to put her in a glass coffin.

The Prince heard about Snow White’s death and was very sad. However, he did not kiss her for fear of getting sick.

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