leprechaun rain

It’s All in the Details (engaging the senses)

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day on March 17, we chose “Leprechaun Rain” as the featured story from our March/April ...
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being Lucia

Celebrating the Melting Pot

The United States is made up of people who immigrated here from all over the world. Some came a long ...
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life among the whispers

Breaking the Rules and Making Your Readers Think

Is it ever OK to break the rules? The two main characters in “Life Among the Whispers,” the featured story ...
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my grandmothers earrings

Twists and Turns

What makes a story interesting? Yes, it could be fun to read a story about a girl who spends two ...
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Catching Mice rat running

A Moral Dilemma

“Catching Mice,” by Eoin O’Mara, age 11, is the featured story from our July/August 2014 issue. It starts innocently enough ...
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standing alone teased classmates

Yes He Can! Challenging Stereotypes with Fiction

Can a boy dancer be cool? Yes he can! And yet Alex, the main character in “Standing Alone,” is teased mercilessly ...
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