Writing Activity: depicting an obsession, with “The Horse’s Reins” by Nicholas La Cortiglia, 10

Lots of girls dream of horses. And there are lots of stories about horse-loving girls. What makes this story special, ...
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Writing Activity: using the power of analogy, with “Abigail’s Cove” by Brooke Hayes, 12

Analogy is a very powerful literary tool. It is hard to imagine what it feels like for someone else to ...
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Writing Project (non-fiction): using personal experience to develop understanding, with “Experiencing Home” by Yodit Lemma, 12

Experiencing Home by Yodit Lemma War and Peace. It has always been true that somewhere in the world there has ...
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As Long as We’re Happy, Part Two

In Part One, Mrs. Davids happily starts her teaching job and marries a doctor. Three years later, she is no longer happy; ...
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