The Fossil

A Spanish nobleman makes an astonishing discovery Corian Monseur lounged on a couch with lace trimmings, gazing lazily through the window. His father was a nobleman and an architect busy designing the King of Spain’s chambers. His family lived in a mansion with servants and rich bedrooms with halls leading to each one. Their backyard […]

There Goes the Sun

A strange man appears in Robin’s house one day and attempts to enlist him in the battle to save the Infinity Realm Robin stared at the orange plaid subway seat across from him, thinking about his father. How he always liked listening to “Yellow Submarine.” How after all that Robin had been through, his dad’s […]

Land of the Giiants

A description of the fantastical creature the giiant and its remote island Once upon an hour, there was a town called Chocolate Lemon. No, not “Chocolate Lemon,” but chO-cO-laht leh-mOne. This town only lasted for an hour in our time, but for millions of years in the time of the giiants. And no, that was […]