The Crow

The crow flies across the sky away from all troubles, the wind whipping through her wings. She basks in the sun as if it were a precious gift. She doesn’t have a voice like a scream piercing through the air. Her voice is firm. Never complacent. Yet docile. Like a vulture, she only takes what […]

Why Frogs Croak in Wet Weather

Once there was no rain in the rain forest and then the cloud was being mean to god and god started to cry and the clouds felt bad so they turned gray and all the frogs croaked it’s okay it’s ok it’s ok Malcolm Dillehay, 9Gardiner, NY Bryan Lux, 9New Paltz, NY

Lost Dog

She ran away On a walk I want her to come back Why did she leave Dog Lost Lost Dog Why did she leave I want her to come back On a walk She ran away Layla Linnard, 11Weston, MA