The Mystery of Cats

Cleaning yourself as if the world is just fine Of course you don’t know about September 11 or the war You don’t know about the terrorists or do you Is that mangy dog down the street the terrorist you fear What does someone of your small stature think of the world Do you look at […]

One Snake’s Life

New Spanish moss was my bed The ships’ horns were my alarm clock In the early morning Along the Mississippi River’s edge I was swimming left to right Left to right The mud was brown The sky was gray Going up the willow trees Down the willow trees Hiding in the rocks That mourning dove […]

My Trixie

Curled on the dining room table Furry cheek snuggled against the cloth Trixie purrs Tail twitching and ears cocked Waiting for the sound of cat food in the bowl I rub my face in her tummy Breathing in rich cat-smell As she rumbles, happy To be home After a trot around the neighborhood Mrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeew? She […]