Smoke blackens your face, Bold paintings line the creases in your skin, Twisting and turning in the crooks of your elbows. In the darkness you crouch, An animal with dark cheeks and sunken eyes, Next to the smoldering embers of your fire. I see you skulking half hidden in the shadows, The whites of your […]

I Am a Golden Trout

The sound of silence shatters When a buzzing fly splashes into a cool freshwater lake The water, like liquid tourmalines, ripples to kiss the sun-bleached shore I wait for a delicious, squishy fly to plop into striking range Anxious yet excited Each time is as thrilling as the first I strike like a ravenous eagle […]

Wolf Moon

The oak trees all around us Hide the light of the moon, Only emitting a faint Spectral glow. Rustlings and stirring, Usual at nighttime like this Are gone. The air is silent tonight, The tingle of magic in the air, And it seems all of the forest Is holding its breath, Marveling at the beauty […]