My Lovely

I don’t see her until she makes the noise A noise that breaks my heart I turn slowly to see the graceful face Her pale green eyes full of hunger and want One paw snakes through the metal bars She twists her lithe body so that I am looking into her eyes She makes that […]

Blood Red

Two black-and-white dogs Dash across the beach Legs pumping Flicking mud into the sun The sun Turning the lake Those same brilliant colors As the glowing red rocks around it Fiery fluid Creeps up on the shore Where two dogs lie In slumber Noses in the blood red sand Jeremy Trujillo, 12Montrose, Colorado

My Dog

I look at him My dog Head on tiny white paws, Breathing heavily. He looks back at me His eyes sad As if to say, “Come to me,” So I do. Then I Stroke his head quietly And he closes his eyes, His breathing deep Raspy And tired. He is small, sick, and old But […]