The Moon

The moon is a silver bead, strung in the necklace of the sky. Every night, it slides in align with the Earth. Then we see it, small but bright. Shimmering. It sheds its light upon us, elegant and soft. The light’s only a reflection of that larger bead. It is not real. Yet we see […]

Sounds of the Night

The water ripples, The nightingale sings, The leaves swish in the wind. The night can be so loud. Elizabeth Ableson, 7Darien, CT

Gilmanton at Night

  The crickets chirp, sing to the starry night. The floorboards creak and moan of old age. The wallpaper stands rigid, but cracked and peeling. The motorcycles rev and talk back and forth by the road. The two old Volvos settle in on the grassy lot. A musty, old-yet-comforting smell seeps everywhere in the house. […]