The House

  The cicadas chirp a lullaby to the night. Their buzzing seems obtrusive at first But grows to be comforting and content. Inside, the tiled floor sits cold with all its rivets and dips. Shutters are locked shut to the windows, Hatches battened down, Giving the impression of the quarters of a ship Sailing through […]


    The stars stood gleaming Like sequins On a black cloth The moon came to rest On the surface Of a pond The grass swayed From side to side Like a rocking horse The night was as quiet As an empty page. Mae Gesser, 9Brooklyn, NY

Night and Day

  Night is dark and mysterious. Every soul is asleep. Even the tiny baby birds don’t make a sound for we know the moon is quite big its falling, glowing gaze from up above. The stars are bright. The fairies dance under the twinkling lights. In the moonlight, God casts a spell on the glowing […]