my toes grip the edge as i peer down down into the blue hole of gloom my heart becomes a motorcycle running on the adrenaline of summer adventure wind scrapes my cheek as my knees shake weakly the dark swirls call me chanting jump pulling me with a rope i drop Juliet Del Fabbro, 11Richmond, […]

Penalty Kick

Overtime. Golden Goal. As I place the ball in a circle, I think about where I should place the shot. top left bottom left top right bottom right I wait for the whistle my team is silent but the crowd is roaring pressure is on nerves rush through me suddenly the crowd silences the whistle […]

Home Plate

Ah, Baseball! My favorite sport. I feel the excitement and adrenalin running through me As we begin the game. I’m in my favorite position, The catcher’s spot, With the batter right beside me. I sign the pitch to the pitcher And the pitcher winds up. I see the ball sailing toward me And I hear […]