Waves are crashing all around me, The sun is casting its yellow rays upon the island. I hear a yell but it is oh so distant: “Go! Go!” I turn my head to see a wall rapidly approaching. I thrash my arms and kick, But it seems too late for me. I push up onto […]


I curl my cold fingers Around the yellow Frisbee Coil my arm back Dip it low, flex my wrist, Release. It sails smoothly through the air Floats gently above my father’s head And then The wind carries it slowly Into his waiting hands He smiles and tosses it Back into the wind I am prepared […]

Roller Skating

The wheels Crunch over the pea gravel As sweat Crowds my tomato-red face. My legs are constantly moving Pumping with pure Adrenaline. A puddle Crammed with mud Stretches over the cement sidewalk. Consumed with laughter And joy I am too delirious To see the hazard. My body Is shot into the air And my arms […]