Saturday Newsletter: August 19, 2017

“Letting out a sigh of relief he began to fill his basket” Anna Welch, 13 Published In Stone Soup March/April 2008. A note from William Rubel My daughter starts middle school next week. I am sure that parents and grandparents reading this newsletter can relate to my, Wow! When my daughter was very young I […]

Saturday Newsletter: August 12, 2017

“It cocked its head expectantly. Did it want me to follow it?” Illustration by Joan He, 13 for “Owl Eyes” by Noa Wang, 11 September/October 2010  A note from William Rubel I love the colors in this drawing. Joan shifts the evening world towards blue. The lighting is spectacular. Notice the moonlight reflected on the hills, […]

Saturday Newsletter: August 5, 2017

“Whenever Bryan was batting, he always had a feeling of excitement burst right through him” Illustrator Alicia Betancourt, 13, for The Montana Summer by Andrew Lorraine, 11. Published July/August 2002. A note from William Rubel I’m back from my California Sierra camping trip with my daughter, Stella. We were camping by a lake at 10,000 feet with surrounding […]