Saturday Newsletter: October 21, 2017

“I envied the owl. It could go wherever it wanted, and I was trapped in a ghost’s boat on the river” Illustrator Noel Lunceford, 9, for A Lasso for Adagio by Julian March, 12. Published September/October 2003. A note from William Rubel A few weeks ago I put out the call for Stone Soup-aged bloggers. […]

Saturday Newsletter: October 14, 2017

“Just then the Rose appeared with her rosellas” Illustrator Cameron Osteen, 13, for Fort Cuniculus by Ralph Kabo, 11. Published September/October 2005. A note from William Rubel Well, this week has been a strange week. I was supposed to go to Napa to give a talk on the history of bread. The conference was to […]

Saturday Newsletter: October 7, 2017

“Ligiri’s only comfort was a fifty-foot baobab tree, which reminded Ligiri of her kind grandfather” Illustrator Rita Rozenbaoum, 10, for Ligiri, a Dogon Cinderella by the illustrator. Published November/December, 2001. A note from William Rubel What a dramatic painting! Intense! A tree and a person in silhouette backed by a glowing orange sky. Like the […]