Saturday Newsletter: February 18, 2023

Red Galaxy (chalk pastels) by Ahaana Gangwal, 8; published in Stone Soup February 2023 A note from Emma Wood Hello! Since having my daughter in 2020, life has seemed to be in constant flux—partly because of the kids (just as soon as we discover the perfect routine, their needs seem to change!), partly because of the […]

Saturday Newsletter: February 4, 2023

Grand View (pencil) by Analise Braddock, 11; published in Stone Soup February 2023 A note from Emma Wood Hello, Tomorrow, my son Sawyer will turn one! In addition to being the “baby” of our family, he has felt like a baby much longer than his sister did—slow to crawl, slow to talk, and he’s still […]

Saturday Newsletter: January 21, 2023

Refugee Project-Untitled Portrait 1, by member of the “Group Portrait Workshop,” run by Hands On Art Workshops, at the Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya A note from Laura Moran Hello, I sit to write this week’s newsletter after having just submitted a book review I wrote for an academic journal. The book was about people living […]

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