Saturday Newsletter: May 28, 2022

Snip Snip Snip (Fujifilm FinePix XP140) By Astrid Young, 11 (Brookline, MA), published in Stone Soup May 2022 A note from William Dear Friends — Here is a link to the Brady gun control group. I just sent them $100. If not now, when? “Snip, Snip, Snip” is an utterly brilliant photograph. Astrid Young has a photographer’s […]

Saturday Newsletter: May 21, 2022

Daydreaming (pastel, watercolor) by Audrey Li, 12 (Scarsdale, NY), published as the cover image of Stone Soup May 2022 A note from Emma Letters crash around me like waves in a storm… In this poem, Lilly Davatzes is clearly writing about dyslexia (it’s the title!). I am not dyslexic, but a few of my close […]

Saturday Newsletter: May 14, 2022

Song at Dusk (watercolor) by Aspen Clayton, 11 (Lisle, IL), published in Stone Soup May 2022 A note from Caleb Happy second Saturday of May! This week, I’m delighted to focus entirely on two pieces of art from the May 2022 issue, which should have—if it hasn’t already—arrived for our print subscribers. (Once again, we […]