Saturday Newsletter: April 16, 2022

Colors (Panasonic Lumix ZS200) By Sage Millen, 13 (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada), published in Stone Soup April 2022 A note from Caleb Good morning and happy Saturday! The last time I wrote the newsletter I led off by mentioning California’s need for April showers—well, the rain has started to fall, albeit in short bursts, and […]

Saturday Newsletter: April 9, 2022

A note from William Friends! It is happening! The featured image is one of half a dozen educator pages that our web developers are promising will go live on Monday, April 24. The beautiful photograph is by the fabulous Stone Soup contributor and photographer, Sage Millen. Now that the educator pages we have been developing since […]

Saturday Newsletter: April 2, 2022

Music Lover (Acrylic) By Selene Wong, 11 (Champaign, IL), published in Stone Soup April 2022 A note from Caleb Hello and happy April! Here in California we are hoping for April showers, though the May flowers would just be a bonus! We are now a week removed from our last writing workshop of the winter session and officially looking […]