Saturday Newsletter, December 16, 2017

The meteorite kept hurtling towards Earth, and Cam watched as her vision darkened Illustrator Charlotte Myers Martin, 13, for Falling into Earth by Ethan Levin, 13. Published November/December 2011. A note from William Rubel A little business for our adult readers and then into the meat of today’s newsletter. Kids, skip these business paragraphs if you like. […]

Saturday Newsletter: December 9, 2017

. . . the game continued, but Jessica seemed to treat Cathy differently Illustrator Christy Callahan, 13, for Twisted Friendships by Hana Bieliauskas, 13. Published May/June 2001 A note from William Rubel Monopoly! What adult doesn’t have memories of playing Monopoly with friends? Playing Monopoly with Herb Ritz, my best friend in junior high, remains one of […]

Saturday Newsletter: December 2, 2017

‘Lightbulb’ by Ula Pomian, 12, cover of the December 2017 issue. A note from William Rubel The December issue is out, and it is a remarkable issue. As you see from the cover, we are continuing to expand our use of photography. What an unusual image! Ula Pomian is using her camera to focus our attention closely […]