Saturday Newsletter: October 28, 2017

‘I’m not a Demon’, by Sophia Mokhtari, 13   A note from William Rubel Last week I mentioned that we want you to document your Halloween. And just look at the fabulous painting Sophia Mokhtari, 13, has sent us! We couldn’t resist using it in this week’s Newsletter. Although it has a very Halloween-y feel, Sophia emphasises that […]

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Saturday Newsletter: October 21, 2017

“I envied the owl. It could go wherever it wanted, and I was trapped in a ghost’s boat on the river” Illustrator Noel Lunceford, 9, for A Lasso for Adagio by Julian March, 12. Published September/October 2003. A note from William Rubel A few weeks ago I put out the call for Stone Soup-aged bloggers. […]