Personal Narrative

Ethnographic Interview 2, Joel

This was a certain Thursday when I was in class interviewing one of my classmates called Sylvan. We were seated facing each other on our blue plastic chairs. We were not alone that day in class but we were with other class mates, our class supervisor and also our teacher, Madam Laura, who was on […]

Ethnographic Interview, by LaJoie

I’ve been waiting for so long to get the teachers permission to conduct an interview about him. Today at lunch time he had given me his lunch break as the time that we can do it. I told him, thank you once again teacher for the opportunity. As I told you I’m a student of […]

Ethnographic Interview, by Joshua

I am doing an interview with Theobarh, my teacher. I gave him a surprise visit to his office where we sat though the noise from the hair dressing students shouting. 1, So Mr. Theobarh why do you call yourself that name and what does it mean A, My names are ISHARA THEOPHILE BARHAME and I’m […]