Personal Narrative

Ethnographic Interview, by Sylvan

I decided today to challenge myself and interview a pastor. Good morning pastor, I’m conducting an interview on faith and ethics of Christianity. Can you share with me some details? Yeah, firstly you can’t understand all of Christianity because its large, and every sub religion interprets it the way they want and not as Islam […]

Ethnographic Interview, by Clarice

I had a childhood dream of becoming a doctor, so when we got this opportunity of conducting ethnographic interviews I wanted to learn from a medical doctor. So, I organized an appointment with a nurse who gave me one of her free days which was Tuesday. Her Name is Olgah she is a nurse working […]

Ethnographic Interview, by Iragi

He is called Arian. He is sixteen years old a refugee in Nakivale refugee settlement living alone. I met him where he works and requested to conduct an ethnographic interview with him and he accepted. 1, So Arian tell me more about yourself that you would prefer the world to know. I am Arian, a […]