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Right Beneath the Clouds

This clarinet trio was inspired by two ideas. First was my perspective from my own apartment. Skyscrapers, bridges, Central Park, and construction outlined the melody of my piece, given to the clarinet. Shadows and overlaps between these structures formed the cello and piano parts for the first movement. Most of the pitches are based on […]

At the Dinner Table

Often I find myself coming home from school, and being utterly and completely bored, even after an entire bus ride of thought on what I want to do when I finally get there. I put my backpack away, head up to my room, and sit on my bed. And my mind’s seemingly gone blank. So […]

Is Fornite Dying Down? People Have Different Opinions

“Fortnite” has been a sensation in the past few years, but many gamers now refer to it as “dead” as the popularity of a new game, “Apex Legends,” a new battle royale, grows. The rise of Fortnite In the past two or three years, Fortnite took the world by storm. It is the first and […]