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Uzbekistan Pupils Against Coronavirus

By Marjona Boboeva, 11

The globe is facing a challenge now,
Countries are trying to solve it how.
Coronavirus even in far village,
We should overcome this big challenge.
Uzbekistan is fighting against the virus,
To turn the number of it into minus.
Being pupils of school № 64,
We should keep ourselves busy more.
Drawing, painting could bring us fun,
Lots of activities rather than none!
We could read interesting books,
This, of course, widens our looks.
We could do English, History,
Listening to an interesting story.
Sport activities could improve the health,
While the health is the source of wealth!
Dear pupils, learn online,
Doing exercises standing in line.
Be always thankful to your teachers,
They are giving you future vouchers.
#Stayhome and win the virus,
Decreasing the number into minus!



Marjona Boboeva, 11
Tashkent, Uzbekistan

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